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Biography or "Who Is This Guy Anyway?"

David Zimmer originally wanted to be a chef and own a restaurant. Fortunately, that never happened and through a winding road of events, he has become a leader in the telecommunications and project management industries. Although he is still a darn good cook, he makes things happens that others can't.

Possessing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree from Purdue University, Mr. Zimmer has continued to increase his expertise through professional experience at Bell Laboratories and managing a consulting firm. He is very active in voluntary organizations to promote forward progress in the industry. He founded the Unified Communications Consortium because of his extensive work in defining the concepts and needs for our future communications systems. The organization had members from companies worldwide.

As a member of the Independent Computer Consultants Association, Mr. Zimmer has served both at the local chapter and national organizational level. He is currently the National Secretary and External Relations Committee Chair. He previously served as local chapter president and national treasurer, vice president, president and chairman. In his various capacities, he as spearheaded the various taskforces to further the mission of the organization.

Mr. Zimmer draws from his various experiences to give a practical insight into all of his presentations. He is an avid researcher reading other materials and information sources to stay on top of the latest news, lessons learned, and best practices. His unique insights causes the audience to think about the material presented and his natural teaching style leaves everyone with lessons learned.

Mr. Zimmer's presentation style quickly builds rapport with the audience. Audiences give excellent reviews about his performance, domestically and internationally. He works very well in mixed-cultural environments and keeps the audience attentive. The audience always walks away with practical ideas that can be used quickly.

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