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Ten Commandments for Project Management
Sixty percent of all projects fail. Many of the remaining "successful" project linger on at the 95% complete level. And some projects actually conclude and are considered successful. Can we extract practices and processes from the successful projects, inject them into our projects, and raise the number of successful projects? Mr. Zimmer draws from his personal experiences and successes and added extensive research to develop the Ten Commandments for Project Management. This presentation lists the ten commandments and their application so that you can increase the number of your successful projects.

Seven Deadly Sins of Project Management
Failed projects have similar traits. Projects are not unique. If we can learn why projects fail, we can apply that knowledge to manage successful projects. Mr. Zimmer pulls from his personal experience and extensive research to help you understand what not to do so that you can properly manage your project to success. Repeat these same sins as others have and you will suffer the same consequences. But Mr. Zimmer doesn't leave you wanting. He provides that information necessary to overcome the sins.

Top Three Project Management Blunders and Their Fixes
Poor communications, incomplete definition, and lack of project status tracking seem to consistently float to the top as reasons for project failures. Why? It seems they are well known causes, yet we don't seem to fix them from the get-go so that we have a better shot for successful projects. Mr. Zimmer has pondered this dilemma and realized it is because people know about the problems but don't know how to fix them. In this presentation, he describes each problem and then their solution. You walk away with answers so that you don't commit the same blunders.

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Proper Project Planning
Planning! What does it mean to conduct proper project planning? How do we plan properly for projects? What are the steps we must follow to insure that have planned properly. This workshop details each step that must be completed in order to have a properly planned project. The workshop lasts just four hours, but you will take away enough information to be armed for successful project planning.

Common Mistakes and Misuses of Project Tracking Software
Project tracking software such as MS Project is critical to understanding the current status of a project. Unfortunately, many people misuse their software from lack of training, lack of time, or simply lack of interest. This four hour workshop shows you the corrections of common mistakes and misuses, along with proper techniques so that rather than being a noose around your neck, your tracking software aids you in managing your projects.

Project Management Fundamentals
During his seminars and workshops, Mr. Zimmer asks the audience how many are project managers. Many raise their hands. He asks how many had any formal training in project management. Less than twenty-five percent raise their hands. Asked how many chose project management as their focus, even fewer respond positively; most project managers were "volunteered." Asked how many understand the fundamentals of project management, the majority look sheepishly away. This eight hour workshop goes into the fundamentals of project management. At the end of the day, each participant understands that there are best practices, metrics, and processes that if followed, raise the possibility of completing a project successfully and making their experience more enjoyable.

MS Project Fundamentals - 2 day
MS Project Fundamentals covers the basics to the intermediate stage. By eliminating that common mistakes that even "expert" or experienced users commit, the attendee of this workshop is guaranteed to produce a productive project plan. The workshop covers the 9 Steps to Effective Project Plans and 7 Cardinal Rules never to break.

The attendee will learn:

  • How to build an effective plan
  • Track the progress of a project
  • Analyze the data provided by the project plan
  • Create reports for extracting data
  • Manage multiple projects using MS Project

Project Management Fundamentals - 2 day
Project Managers are appointed, not trained. The majority of people when asked how they became a project manager state that they were simply told that they must manage a project. No formal training was ever attended. Industry reports state that 60% of projects fail. Is there any wonder why? Would we ask a doctor who has never been trained in any medical area to perform open heart surgery? Of course not, but each day, many are asked to successfully manage a project with no training.

This 2 day seminar trains both newly-elected and experienced project managers in the fundamentals of project management. The attendee will learn:

  • The Definition of A Project
  • The Definition of Project Management
  • Project Managements Relationship to other Management Disciplines
  • Project Management Lexicon, Terms, and Jargon
  • Project Management Knowledge Areas
  • Project Phases and Life Cycle Management
  • Project Manager's Duties and Responsibilities
  • Proper Project Planning and Communications
  • Project Metrics

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