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I think I am already ahead of the game with respect to being able to successfully use Project here...

One thought occurred to me regarding your class, which I did not think to identify in the critique sheet:  I appreciate the way you organized the main points in your "9 Steps to Effective Plans" and "7 Cardinal Rules".  While I believe that one should use caution on relying on checklists, it is a powerful way to assist the user in rapidly achieving success; one may then dig into the books and refine things later.  Your rules address the "big rocks" first.  Nicely done.

Tim Thorsen


Thank you for making our MS Project class so enjoyable. You took a totally boring and dull subject and made it exciting and fun to learn by your mannerisms and you ability to inject a little humor at just the right moments. Excellent class and you sir are an excellent instructor!

Douglas Hunter
Deputy Technical Manager
Thomas Associates Inc.


Thank you for the great presentation on MS Project at the Augusta ME Senator Inn.  I'm sure you've heard it before, but your intimate knowledge and practical experience with Project was balanced with some darn good presentation skills.  Really enjoyed the colorful anecdotes, as they helped to keep what some might say is a fairly dry topic quite interesting.  I gauge the effectiveness of a presentation in part based on how badly I suffer with the “post lunch droopy eye syndrome” (darn near unavoidable in my experience).  I had no problem with that Wednesday afternoon.

Gary Henry
Maintenance Supervisor – Utilities & Recovery
Sappi Fine Paper NA

The instructor was very knowledgeable and included many real-world examples in his training. This helped to put the material into perspective.
       - B.G., Cleveland, OH 01/07

Very clear presentation. I was able to absorb more information than at other seminars.
       - L.D., North Baltimore, OH 01/07

The MS Project workshop provided me with valuable information and resources that I will take with me the rest of my days as a project manager. Thanks so much.
       - M.H., Bellefontaine, OH 01/07

The instructor's delivery was good.  He had no problem maintaining the class's interest.
       - R.F., Alexandria, VA 03/06

 A ton of information
       - J.W., Washington, D.C. 02/06

After ten years of experience with MS Project, I was looking for just a few new tips.  After Zimmer's seminar, I learned much more than I expected.  He really helped me understand exactly what MS Project was doing.  And I learned many more than just those few tips!  An excellent instructor.  The best I've ever had. 
       - J.H. Gainesville, FL  05/06

David Zimmer was great, knowledgeable, entertaining, friendly, helpful and best of all, patient.  A 10+ from me.
       - K.L., Gaithersburg, MD 05/06

I'm a former instructor teaching several technical subjects.  You definitely blew my doors off.  You applied the theory, the how-to, and practical examples all within 2 days.  Amazing!  I'm glad that we had you come to our offices and teach my colleagues.
       - C.R.  Norman, OK 07/06

We will definitely recover our investment in no time.  The value of your training was easily worth 5 times greater than what you charged.  Thanks for a great learning experience.
       - S.R. Windsor Lock, CT 06/06

Great presenter, very well versed.  Worked with students individually well.  One of the best instructors for sure.  Really enjoyed this one!
       - P.D. Arlington, VA 04/06

I have been teaching project management and MS Project for 10 years at the university level.  After your class, I now understand what Project is doing.  I have to go and re-work my curriculum.
       - S.D. Bangor, ME 01/06

Thanks for making it interesting and easy to learn.  I'm glad you covered what we need to know in the "real world" and left out stuff that we probably won't need.  Good job!
       - K.D. Norman, OK 10/06

Extremely informative.  The information will be very helpful.  The instruction was well planned and held my attention on a potentially boring subject.
       - R.W. Norman, OK 10/06

I have been to many seminars and Mr. Zimmer was one of the best instructors keeping the flow interesting and allowing the class to understand a difficult subject matter with ease.
       - D.W. Orlando, FL 08/06

I really like the up front explanation of how the class was about project management and explained the relevance before beginning the mechanical instructions.
       - K.G. Orlando, FL 08/06

I feel that I have obtained working knowledge of MS Project that will aid me in my day-to-day work. The trainerwas very informative and did a great job of keeping the class attention.
       - M.K. Reston, VA 09/06

It was wonderful! I did learn far more than I bargained for. Mr. Zimmer was engaging and made what could have been a very boring workshop entertaining. While we did have fun, he gave us very detailed information.
       - A.L. Baltimore, MD 09/06

Excellent Instructor! David made a very dry class interesting and exciting. The class was excellent thanks to a dynamic instructor who knows the subject matter inside and out.
       - D.H. Reston, VA 09/06


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